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February 2044
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Christa Brown, Bobby Emerson, and Beverly Kendall are 18

You live, you learn; you love, you learn
You cry, you learn; you lose, you learn
You bleed, you learn; you scream, you learn
Alanis Morissette

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Christa Brown loved talking to her mother on the phone. She still wasn’t a fan of visiting home because of her father, so this was the best way to keep up with what was going on. She just couldn’t bring herself to be around him after that truly awful counseling session before she left for college……..

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But she tried not to think about that. Right now her focus was on keeping her grades up so that she would be able to work towards her goal of working for the CIA. Her plan was to move to New Barrington after she graduated and start working doing basic surveillance. She didn’t mind working her way up and wanted to do this on her own, without her father’s influence. No one there needed to know that she was the daughter of Christian Brown, Mayor of LaQuest Beach.

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Meanwhile her friend, Beverly Kendall, was worried more about having fun. Of course she was focusing on her studies as well. She wanted to secure an internship at LaQuest Beach High School, so it was important that her grades remain good. But that didn’t mean that she couldn’t enjoy the college experience. While Christa was totally focused on Bobby, Beverly was prepared to have a little fun. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with Parker Martin. He apparently liked older women. But Beverly wasn’t deterred……..

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It was true, Christa was totally focused on Bobby Emerson as far as dating was concerned. They had been happily dating since they met in high school and Christa planned to keep it that way. Beverly seemed to think that they wouldn’t make it, but Christa wasn’t concerned. She had survived living at home for 17 years and she learned a thing or two from that experience…..

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Like how it was important to hold on to the people that matter. She never felt like her father really cared about any of them. If he did, he had a funny way of showing it. So Christa made sure to let Bobby know how important he was to her and how he was key in her making it through all that. She didn’t know if she wanted a family of her own, but she did know that it was important to love and be loved.

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Love was a sentiment that Beverly seemed hell bent on embracing. Christa just hoped her friend was careful. LaQuest Beach University was filled with cute guys, she couldn’t actually date them all! Hopefully Martin Thomas would prove to be a better match for her than Parker had been………

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She knew that college was just starting, this was only their second semester after all. But she thought they were off to a pretty damn good start. Regardless of what happened while they were at this place, she knew that this was a defining time in her life. She had learned over the years to hold on to the good because you’d need to remember it during the bad. And these were definitely good times…………