February 2044
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Terrence Coners is 52, Tabitha is 53, Imani and Imara are 16 (Kayla Coners is 29, Liam is 3, Addison is 3 months)

Our hearts are like, firestones
And when they strike, we feel the love
Sparks will fly, they ignite our bones
And when they strike we light up the world

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Tabitha Coners was happy. While this may seem like a small thing, it was a very important fact to her. Her family had been through so much these past few years that it seemed that living a normal life was well beyond their reach. But she felt like things were getting back on track.

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Her husband, Terrence, was finally bouncing back from the abduction fiasco. At the time, it seemed that the birth of Jasmine was going to forever ruin their lives. Terrence really struggled with the events of that day and he was unable to seek counseling for it. If her husband told anyone he was abducted by aliens and had actually given birth to a baby, they would haul him off to a mental institution! But they had slowly worked though it and he was more like his old self these days. He refused to visit Jasmine at the Oros’ and didn’t want the girls going either………

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Imani didn’t care as she never wanted to see that green kid again. She just didn’t understand why THEIR lives had to be so crazy. Her dad was abducted by aliens and her aunt was married to an elf! One of her cousins was going to be queen of another realm one day! Why couldn’t all this have just happened to another family?

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It didn’t help that her twin, Imara, thought all of this was the coolest thing ever. She had no idea how she and her were sisters, let alone twins! Imani was outgoing and fun and couldn’t wait to go to college and have fun. Imara was shy and timid and was terrified about leaving home. She really didn’t understand why her sister couldn’t see how extraordinary all this was! How many families could say that they had alien and elven relatives?

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Tabitha tried not to concentrate on all that. Instead she focused on her newest grandchild, Addison whom they affectionately called Addy. Tabitha hated that Kenny was away touring with his band, Mellow Metal, but she was glad that his wife Kayla brought the kids over. Addy was going to be another cutie like her older brother Liam.

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“How are things going? It must be tough handling them both while Kenny is away. I’ve told you that I don’t mind babysitting,” Tabitha said.
“Oh I know you and my mother love babysitting but I do enjoy having my own children every once and a while,” Kayla said laughing.
“I know, I know. They are just so cute! How are things at your gallery?”
“It’s going well, I’m just trying to keep up with the demand for my paintings. I’m loving what I do. I just hate that Kenny is on the road so much now. But Sky Will Fall was a hit and the demand for their appearance is much higher now,” Kayla said.
“Well you know you’re welcome to come over any time,” Tabitha said with a smile.
“Yea, as long as I have the kids with me,” Kayla said laughing.

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Tabitha would never deny that seeing her grandchildren brought her great joy. When she and Terrence got together all those years ago, Kenny became her son and it had been a pleasure to see him grow from a shy little kid to a commanding presence on large stages around the world. Off stage he was a loving husband and doting dad and she knew that he got that from his own father. Liam and Addison were testaments to the fact that she and Terrence did a pretty okay job raising Kenny.

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Kayla really did hate it when Kenny was away on the road. She loved that he was getting a chance to do what he loved and she would never stand in the way of his dreams, but she did miss him a lot. She missed those college days when they were constantly together. But that was the life she signed up for when she married a man with musical ambitions and the talent to match. And she didn’t regret it for a second……..

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“So how have things been going?” Kayla asked Imani.
“Okay. I’ve been trying to get Dad to let me go out on a date. I mean I’m 16 for goodness sake!”
“Oh, you got a boy in mind already?” Kayla asked.
“I’ve had one in mind for a while. His name is Hunter and he is super cute. Dad is being so unreasonable about it though. But I’ll wear him down.”
“I’m sure you will,” Kayla said with a laugh.

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Terrence was aware that Imani wanted to go out with this little boy, but he wasn’t having it! His daughters could date when they were 30 and not a year before! Of course, Tabitha thought he was being unreasonable and he was sure at some point soon he would be out voted on this. Why, oh why did his baby girls have to grow up? Couldn’t they simply stay little girls forever? Was that too much to ask?!

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At least his Imara seemed content to stay a child. He still loved getting out the chess table and playing with her. He’d never tell her this, but he had stopped letting her win long ago. He supposed there was no way to escape the fact that his daughters were becoming young women and would one day leave home. He knew this. He also knew that he and Tabitha had come together and given them all the things they needed to make it on their own. He was just in no hurry for that to happen. But when the time came, he would let them go so that they could blaze their trail and light up the world the way their older brother was currently doing. And he couldn’t be more proud to call himself their dad………..