April 2044
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Principal: Lorelai Ellison; Teachers: Lily Phillippine, Taesha Foster; Kindergarten: Lauren Carr, Layla Carr, Jordyn Pace, Arwen Vasan; Grade 1: Lyria Nott; Kyle Henderson, Kiara Ellison; Grade 3: Vanya de Muse, Ethan White, Evan White, Hunter Picaso; Grade 5: Aidan Brown, Hayden Brown, Ryder Phillippine, Rainie Phillippine, Ricki Knowles, Alex Gray; Grade 6: Connor Gray, Ryan Knowles, Garrett Newson, Georgia Newson

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Taesha Gordon was glad that she was finally able to move up and teach the 3rd graders. She enjoyed the preschool class, but they just weren’t capable of doing as much as she wanted to do. With the 3rd graders, she felt her math degree was put to better use……….

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Lily Phillippine felt just the opposite. She enjoyed reading to the smaller children and starting their learning paths.
“We should have done this years ago,” Taesha said laughing.
“I can’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner. It’s much more balanced this way. Besides, my kids didn’t really care for having me as their teacher,” Lily said with a smile.

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There was a very interesting group in the preschool and 1st grade class this year. The Carr twins were going to be a lot of fun and Arwen Vasan was…….well Lily hated feeling this way, but the young girl was a little creepy…..

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She supposed that it was her red eyes that concerned Lily. Arwen was a nice child, but there was this……energy that seemed to surround her. It was a bit off putting. Principal Ellison didn’t seem concerned about it and the kids got along fine with her………but there was just something about her………

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She was even stranger than Connor Gray and Lily thought she’d never feel that way! Lily still had trouble with understanding how exactly Connor was green and why his eyes looked the way they did, but he had been at the school long enough that it actually seemed pretty normal now. She’d be sad to see him head on to the high school. But she knew he and his best friend Ryan Knowles would be just fine.

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Ryan’s younger sister Ricki Knowles would have one more year before she would be heading off to the high school. It seemed that she and Rainie Phillippine were becoming fast friends.

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It was always interesting to see how the kids interacted with one another and who ended up being friends with who. Principal Ellison’s daughter Kiara seemed to get along well with Kyle Henderson. Kyle’s father worked as the principal of the high school so Kyle’s high school experience would be a little different from the other kids.

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Ryan Knowles, Connor Gray, and Garrett and Georgia Newson would all be heading to the high school next year. As sad as the staff was to see them go, they were also glad because there would be an influx of other new little kiddos from around LaQuest Beach. It would be a very busy year.

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But Connor wouldn’t be joining his best friend for junior high.
“What do you mean you’re going away?” Ryan asked.
“My parents are sending me to……a special school……for junior high. I’ll be back when high school starts,” Connor said.
“What! What am I supposed to do while you’re gone for two years? This was going to be so cool, now I don’t want to go at all if you’re ditching me,” Ryan said.
“I’m not ditching you! I’ll be back for 9th grade, I just gotta do this man.”
“I don’t think it’s fair. Will we at least get to hang out this summer?” Ryan asked.

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Yep, it was business as usual at LaQuest Beach Elementary!