July 2044
Meadow’s Last Update / Next Update
Armand Wrightwood is 32, Meadow Thayer is 23, Joss Willis is 2

If there’s a question of my heart, you’ve got it
It don’t belong to anyone but you
If there’s a question of my love, you’ve got it
Baby, don’t worry, I’ve got plans for you, yeah
Baby, I’ve been making plans of love
Baby, I’ve been making plans for you, yeah
Baby, I’ve been making plans
Baby, I’ve been making plans for you

Wale ft. Usher

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She asked for Mellow Metal to play at her wedding and somehow Armand had made that happen. She thought for sure that there was no way in hell that Slade Willis would play the wedding of the mother of his child. But Armand was her knight in shining armor, the man who could make anything happen…………..

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They were married at the Eglise Sainte-Marie in New Barrington and she asked her best friend, Ginger Newson, and Ginger’s boyfriend Caleb Henderson to stand beside her on her big day. Meadow’s parents refused to come because they were still upset about Joss’ birth and felt that she was making a mistake with Armand. It broke her heart that they weren’t there, but she wouldn’t focus on that today……..

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Because today was the day that she married her love, the man who made her believe in the possibility again after Slade Willis had stomped on her heart. The man whom her daughter adored and who she hoped to have another child with someday………..

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And she took his breath away. Meadow was young, actually 10 years his junior, but the light he saw in her made that not matter at all to him. He knew without a doubt that he had been waiting 32 years for this bright, beautiful young woman to come into his life……………

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And beautiful she was…………………..

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Moi, Armand, je te prend, Meadow,
pour être mon épouse,
pour avoir et tenir de ce jour vers l’avant,
pour meilleur ou pour le pire,
pour la prospérité et la pauvreté,
dans la maladie et dans la santé,
pour aimer et chérir;
jusqu’à la mort nous sépare.

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She even invited Ricky Cormier and his girlfriend Kimberly Jackson. It felt like all of that drama happened 50 years ago and Meadow was on to new things, better things…….her and Joss were really going to be okay. It was the fairy tale she had always wanted and felt that she deserved.

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The reception was extremely short because she wanted to hurry and get off to their honeymoon. Armand decided to take Meadow to his home country and they would also tour some other touristy places in Europe as well……

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Armand still maintained a home in the Italian countryside and this is where he and Meadow would be staying for most of their honeymoon. He wanted Meadow to become familiar with all of the properties he owned because they were now hers as well………..

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They began the honeymoon by spending some alone time in the nice hot tub located in the back of the home. Meadow still couldn’t believe that all of this was now hers! She was actually a millionaire!

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When the newlyweds finally came up for air, Armand decided to take Meadow around Milan to show her around. He planned to spend quite some time here once Joss was old enough to travel with them. He loved Italy and missed it when he was in the states. His roots were French, but Italy was where he felt most at home. His birthplace of Lyon, France would wait until another trip.

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They had a romantic lunch in one of the cute little cafes. Meadow knew that she was going to have to work on both her French and Italian since she would now be a world traveler. She still had a hard time believing that this was her life!

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And of course they went shopping because how can you go to Milan and not buy clothing?

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And she had to admit that her new husband looked damn good in an Italian suit!

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Her honeymoon was more magical than she could have ever envisioned. She had no idea how she had gotten so lucky, but she was so glad that she did. When Joss was born, she thought that her life was over……………..

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But as she stood in France under the Eiffel Tower in the arms of a man who had made all of her dreams come true, she knew that this was only the beginning of a beautiful and joy filled life!