Character Profiles

Here you will find the character profiles for each person in this story. LaQuest Beach is quite the saga so there’s a number of characters to keep up with! Links will be live as profiles are created.

Addler, Casey
Addler, Tippy
Brown, Aiden
Brown, Alana
Brown, Christa
Brown, Christian
Brown, Hayden
Carr, Ariel
Carr, Javion
Carr, Joe
Carr, Kayden
Carr, Lauren
Carr, Layla
Coners, Imani
Coners, Imara
Coners, Kayla
Coners, Kenny
Coners, Liam
Coners, Tabitha
Coners, Terrence
de Muse, Elvin
de Muse, Tessa
de Muse, VanyaEllison, Adam
Ellison, Jacob
Ellison, Kiara
Ellison, Lorelai

Foster, DeJuan
Foster, Donna
Foster, Taesha
Gray, Amanda
Gray, Alexander
Gray, Conner
Gray, Corbin
Henderson, Caleb
Henderson, Kimber
Henderson, Kip
Henderson, Kyle
Johnson, Brian
Knowles, Kali
Knowles, Keisha
Knowles, Kevin
Knowles, Kinsley
Knowles, Ricki
Knowles, Ryan
Knowles, Tanner
Mason, MindiNewson, Gabriella
Newson, Gallagher
Newson, Garrett
Newson, Gavin
Newson, Georgia
Newson, Ginger
Newson, Payton
Nott, Gordon
Nott, Lyria

Orionious, Starema
Oros, Andromeda
Oros, Celeste
Oros, Jasmine
Oros, Satitu
Pace, Charity
Pace, Derick
Pace, Jordyn
Phillippine, Clarence
Phillippine, Lily
Phillippine, Logan
Phillippine, Rainie
Phillippine, Ryder
Picaso, Hunter
Picaso, Jessica
Picaso, Matthew
Picaso, MirandaThayer, Meadow

Vasan, Arwen

White, Ethan
White, Evan

White, Marshal
White, Shamella
Willis, Joss
Willis, Slade

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